Inspire : A Gathering for New Wine : North Yorkshire : 19th – 23rd August 2016

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  • Due to the busyness of the New Wine United Gathering in Shepton Mallet there has been a small delay in the posting of tickets for New Wine Inspire.     Tickets will soon be with all delegates, if however they do not arrive in time for you please print out proof of registration and bring this with you and we will issue new tickets at Site Services when you arrive.

                           Thank you for your patience.

  • Parents please note that registration for Gems and Rock Solid is on FRIDAY 19th August from 2:30pm to 4:30pm if you are not on-site at that time you will need to make a late registration at the first session with your children, please allow enough time before any meetings.

Dear Friends

It’s with great excitement that I share with you an event that is happening near Thirsk in our region.

Inspire is a brand new local New Wine gathering organised by local churches in the region with New Wine vision and values. The gathering will have a family feel, for those who are young and those young at heart, the family of God gathering together, sharing and worshipping Jesus together. This will be reflected in the whole event as different generations will be represented alongside each other in aNW_Inspire_Logoll that we do.

Inspire is a camping event for about 1000 people with a children’s, youth, and an adult programme and at times we will all gather together for some fun.  We aren’t trying to duplicate all that happens in the National Gatherings and I would encourage you to go to those,  as I will be,  however as a local expression of New Wine it will contain the essentials of the National Gatherings but on a smaller scale.

The confirmed speakers are: Tania Bright, Miriam Swaffield,  Ian Parkinson, John and Anne Coles, Mark Aldridge, Ben Doolan along with a host of others leading various seminar programmes and after-hours events.  Worship leader Chris Sayburn is arranging the worship team and Ian Parkinson will also be leading morning Bible studies.

The event is nearly upon us now so keep an eye out as further details will be shared via the website.   Those requiring electical hookups for medical reasons please see the information on the FAQs page.

Booking is through the New Wine website and we now only have Team places available.  ‘Inspire’ will take place from Friday 19th – Tuesday 23rd August 2016 starting with a Friday night celebration and ending with Tuesday morning celebration.


Laura McWilliams
New Wine Regional Director North East and Yorkshire

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Google Maps The event is being held at Hollybush Christian Fellowship, Newsham, North Yorkshire Y07 4DH